July 22, 2022

Father Sevared - Barrett I Written Interview

Taking the Sevared Blog a littler farther, I asked Barrett’s Father, Barrett, to give us a little more insight about the wizard behind the Sevared Records label…

Thank you for agreeing to a written chat. We always hear remarkable stories about you and the rest of the family from Barrett, but he has a special love and admiration for you.

[Jenn]: A few years ago, we had a tentative date for you to come on the podcast and we were really looking forward to having you on the show. What made you change your mind?

[Barrett I]: I got to thinking about the setting and the questions and felt I would feel uncomfortable at that time.

[Jenn]: Not a lot of people outside friends and family know a lot about Barrett’s family life. Do you have a favorite memory from Barrett’s childhood?

[Barrett I]: Barrett and I went fishing in a canoe on the Oatka Creek and caught a Large Mouth Bass by the lip and threw it in the bottom of the canoe. Barrett then asked if he could catch the next one by hand!!  We continued fishing and the next fish I caught was a Pike. Bringing it up to the canoe, Barrett saw the teeth on the pike and said “No, No, No.” I then threw the Northern into the bottom of the canoe. Barrett then relaxed realizing it was just another fish.

[Jenn]: We love learning the lesser-known facts about Barrett. If you had the chance to tell the world one thing about Barrett that few people know, what would it be?

[Barrett I]: Barrett is one of the MOST family-oriented people on earth…He is kind, thoughtful, loyal, hardworking, and incredibly honest. He loves to barbeque whenever he gets a chance.

[Jenn]: On the podcast, Barrett shared the details of his accident. What was it like going through Barrett’s accident from your perspective?

[Barrett I]: It was devastating for the whole family, especially not knowing the outcome for Barrett and how it would change his life. I am not sure how we all got through it –but Barrett was SO strong and never gave up.

[Jenn]: How do you think Barrett’s life would be different if it were not for the fateful car ride to band practice?

[Barrett I]: Too hard to say.

[Jenn]: Sevared Records is obviously centered around Brutal Death Metal. What did you think when you first learned about Barrett’s label?

[Barrett I]: I don’t care for the music – but I have done everything I could do to help and guide him. (Not that he ever has needed that much help!!)

[Jenn]: Barrett has always been extremely committed to the label and the scene. He tells us that you have always been super supportive. Did you think early on that the label would be thriving all these years later?

[Barrett I]: I never had any doubt about Barrett. Like everything else in Barrett’s life – he gives 100% - to music, collections, and family!!

[Jenn]: Barrett has mentioned you occasionally help him work the Sevared Records booth. Do you enjoy meeting fans of the label/BDM when you help Barrett at his booth?

[Barrett I]: It has been amazing meeting his friends, fans, and co-workers.

[Jenn]: You and Barrett spend a lot of time together and we know Barrett treasures it. What do you do when you hang?

[Barrett I]: Drink rum, go out to eat, watch movies, watch wrestling, watch cooking shows, watch the History Channel, save the world, and drink more rum!

[Jenn]: Barrett has shared many stories with us; however, one story in particular stands out to us. Would you mind sharing your Chuck Norris run in?

[Barrett I]: I started Karate at 13 years old and due to my short stature and light weight learned that I had to be very fast and fight defensively. I was 18 when I met Chuck Norris in the Battle of Atlanta. At the fight I studied all his matches, and it was a combination of luck and speed that got me through.

[Jenn]: As we get older, we tend to reflect on life and wish we had done things a little differently. Does any life event stand out that you wish you had the power to change?

[Barrett I]: Barrett’s accident of course. But all in in all, I wouldn’t change anything.

Thank you for taking the time to answer our questions. Barrett is loved and respected in the underground metal scene, and it is nice to learn more about the non-BDM side of Barrett and what matters to him most – you.