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Grim Dystopian: Metal for your Filthy Earballs

Grim Dystopian: Metal for your Filthy Earballs

Heavy metal to doom, black metal to death metal and everything in between. Grim Dystopian is a weekly exploration of the underground metal scene. Tales of morbidity, comedic banter, interviews with unique guests, entertaining news, and... Metal. A podcast for your filthy earballs!

Recent Episodes

Idan Kupferberg: People (Israeli Grind)

Aug. 8, 2022

S7E173: Idan Kupferberg: People (Israeli Grind) *Available on your favorite streaming service* Grim has the pleasure of chatting with Idan, vocalist of the 90’s grind band People. Idan provides the history of People, what th…

Sex Doll Brothels

Aug. 1, 2022

S7E172: Sex Doll Brothels - Driveway parties, roof bonding, George Jetson’s birthday, bitter Kool-Aid pageant, angry Christians, sex doll brothels, and heavy metal for your filthy earballs mother effer! *Available on your fa…

Phroggin’ For Them Arms

July 25, 2022

S7E171: Phroggin’ For Them Arms It’s a weird week; our waiter assumed Jenn was her brother’s mother (awkward), phrogging for arm decapitations and gender reassignment surgeries, interesting forms of birth control, conversati…

Taste the Misophonia Rainbow

July 18, 2022

S7E170: Taste the Misophonia Rainbow Grim talks about national days, Immolation’s Dawn of Possession’s 31stbday, Donald’s lack of pantaloons does not go unnoticed, bagel heads and toxic skittles, does the dog die dot com, th…

Poison Sumac!

July 11, 2022

S7E169: Poison Sumac! Grim chat about house woes, Ken eats his own poo and eats a mailbox on his huffy, cockroach experiments, uterine cereal, and everything in between (including a funeral proprosal)! Heavy metal for your f…

Oil Checking DNA

July 4, 2022

S7E168: Oil Checking DNA - Special levels of small chatter this week – just a bunch of random nonsense and heavy metal for your filthy earballs. Give it a go! *Available on your favorite streaming service* Special Thanks to…

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