Jan. 3, 2022

Absolutely Unique

Absolutely Unique

S6E143:  Absolutely Unique 

Our lame NYE, first woman inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame, the endangered tiger fiasco, illegal wood burning, 15 movies filmed in Upstate NY, and other random, riveting nonsense. Heavy metal for your filthy earballs! Happy New Year!  

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Special Thanks to: 

  1. Intrusive, Song: Kill Them! 
  2. Exalted Sigil, SONG: Malvisitant 
  3. Uncivil War, SONG: S.I.N. 
  4. Grandma’s Pantry: Attica, SONG: Nothing Sacred 
  5. Enshine, SONG: Awake in Void 
  6. Moonlight Ritual, SONG: Sacramental Incantations 
  7. Wretched Tongues, SONG: Into the Nothing Merch: https://wretchedtongues.bandcamp.com/  
  8. Born Undead, SONG: Stench of Death 
  9. Frozen Winds, SONG: Fifty Names