Feb. 6, 2023



S8E199: Abu-Dhabi-Do -

Just us jerks this week with small talk, exchanging organs for freedom, Tik Tok trends, hide and seek winners, slowing the aging process, more news on the AI front, and heavy metal for your filthy earballs! 

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Special Thanks to:  

Last One On Earth, SONG: Pestilence  

BlackBraid, SONG: The River of Time Flows Through Me 

Kromheim, SONG: The Landing 

Sadistic Messiah, SONG: Engineering the Macabre 

ISOLANT, SONG: Inner Tomb 

Pantry, Crowley, SONG: Pain 

Light Denied, SONG: Brooding Shadows 

Crawl, SONG: 10,000 Polehammers 

Necrofilosophy, SONG: The Elder Serpent Metaphor  

IRON VOID, SONG: Grave Dance 

Tentacult, SONG: Aberration Sphere  

Torchia, SONG: La Magra