June 20, 2021

Always Give it Your All Unless…

Always Give it Your All Unless…

S5E115: Always Give it Your All Unless… 

 Post show ramblings about sweet nothings. Grims discussed the show through their lenses, random questions, weird trivia, and as always…metal for your filthy earballs!  

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 Special Thanks to: 

  1. Bricke, SONG: Frozen Terror 
  2. Wrong Move, SONG: Slow Death 
  3. Settlement, SONG: Graveyards 
  4. Wald Krypta, SONG: Drowned Into the Last Realm  
  5. Deadly Carnage, SONG: Hyle 
  6. Grandma’s Pantry:  Enertia, SONG: And So You Fall   
  7. Akvan, SONG: Vanquish All 
  8. Kriegszittern, SONG: Empty Eyes 
  9. Clouds, SONG: You Went So Silent