May 9, 2022

Amber Heard's Turds

Amber Heard's Turds
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S7E160: Amber Heard's Turds

 We’re going isolation crazy over here, and it shows in this week’s ramblings. This day in history, horror villain chasings, and even a lesson on why salt was poured on bird tails in cartoons. We top things off with a fun game of would you rather and heavy metal for your filthy earballs. Stay safe out there! 

*Available on your favorite streaming service*  

Special Thanks to: 

Unending, SONG: The Weight of Isolation 

Alburnum, SONG: Eeuwig Licht  

The Dark Overlords, SONG: Sacrificial Chamber  

Grandma’s Pantry: Cymatics, SONG: Omniscient 

Sepulchral Curse, SONG: Harvesting The Bloodlines 

Apostasy, SONG: Defeating the Speed 

Veneno, SONG: Patrón Nocturno (Visita de Ultra-Tumba)  

Obsoletion, SONG: False Decalogue 

Ataraxy, SONG: Decline  

Drawn and Quartered, SONG: Dispensation (Rise of the Antichrist) 

Azath, SONG: Worm of Autumn