Jan. 24, 2022

An Impasta!

An Impasta!

S6E145: An Impasta! 

 We are back, from our new studio! Catch-up on what we’ve been doing the last couple weeks, the newest ‘challenge’, national days and riddles, a weird and inappropriate true crime story, and metal for your filthy earballs! 

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 Special Thanks to: 

Paralyzed in Paradise, SONG: Chaotic Descent 

Exhuminator, SONG: Human Waste 

Archemoron, SONG: The Unhollowed 

Human Harvest, SONG: Death is Freedom 

Cryptum, SONG: Cryptum 

Funeral Mist, SONG: Hooks of Hunger 

Mortify, Chile, SONG: Ethereal Illusion of Psyche