Dec. 6, 2021

Beware of Talking Shrimp

Beware of Talking Shrimp

 S6E139: Beware of Talking Shrimp 

National Microwave day leads to interesting memories of apartment living, top 10 black metal albums of 2021, we learn about the Altamont festival on this day in history, random nuggets of advice, and an interesting house ‘warning’ party experience. 

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  Special Thanks to: 

In the Shadows of Giants, SONG: The Twilight Epitaph II: Endure  

Astral Moon, SONG: Astral Necromancy 

Carathis, SONG: Execute The Ambush  

Sulfure, SONG: Obsolescence 

Grandma’s Pantry, Pete-less, SONG: Squeezed Out 

Spider Kitten, SONG: Sandbagged (Whoa, Yeah!)  

Gravehuffer, SONG: Death Before Disco 

The Mist From the Mountains, SONG: Master of Wilderness 

Battering Ram, SONG: What I’ve Become