May 30, 2022

Breastfeeding Hubs!

Breastfeeding Hubs!

S7E163: Breastfeeding Hubs 

Grim is back! Kickin’ it off with the weirdest reasons why people get divorced, and then we pivot (buzz word!) to would you rather, missile websites (nerd alert!), other random nonsense, and heavy metal for your filthy earballs! Just tune in, wouldcha?  

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Special Thanks to: 

Paro, SONG: Track 1 

In Aphelion, SONG: World Serpent (Devourer of Dreams) 

Vimur, SONG: The Greatest Dying  

Wayward Dawn, SONG: Cage of Resentment 

Terzij De Horde, SONG: Precipice 

Venator, SONG: Red and Black 

Numen Noctis, SONG: Requiem 

Iohannes: Betrayer 

Kvaen, SONG: The Great Below 

Mortuary Spawn, SONG: Crepuscular Imperilment 

Hereafter, SONG: Devil By Your Side 

Rancid Cadaver, SONG: Bog Rot