June 13, 2022

Carl Roa: Steering the Ark

Carl Roa: Steering the Ark

S7E165:  Carl Roa: Steering the Ark - 

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 No plastic steaks here! Tune in to listen to our chat with Carl Roa (Magic Elf, Treehouse Roa’s Ark); we cover everything from his musical training (both professional and self-taught), what he’s been up to recently, goals and bucket list items, navigating the ‘new’ physical media world, even that famous day he saw OJ’s white Bronco dive by…prog/instrumental metal for your filthy earballs! 

 Special Thanks to: 

BML, SONG: Fried Chicken…Pick it Up 

Carl Roa 

Roa’s Ark, SONG: Joker’s Wild  

Magic Elf, SONG: Mr. Destructo  

Warmth in the Wilderness Jason Becker Tribute, SONG: Captain Courageous