April 26, 2020

Chris Natalini Exclusive Announcement – Hear ‘n Now!

Chris Natalini Exclusive Announcement – Hear ‘n Now!

S3E55:Chris Natalini Exclusive Announcement – Hear ‘n Now! 

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Grim gets a special treat during a Covid – Confessional - Chris provides updates on Blood Feast and Seeds of Perdition, and exclusively shares his involvement with an incredible initiative to make a difference in our world through music. Wait, did someone say dildo….? 

Click the links for more information and stay tuned for more announcements: 

Hear ‘n Now – an artist initiative:https://m.facebook.com/103092561381853 

Center for Disaster Philanthropy: https://disasterphilanthropy.org/  

Also, hang with Brothers Grimm every Monday on Cranium Radio from 7pm: https://www.facebook.com/Brothers-Grimm-204361996418142/ 


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Chris Natalini 

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