Jan. 31, 2022

CHRMR – A Charming Evening

CHRMR – A Charming Evening
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S6E146: CHRMR – A Charming Evening:

 Upcoming release song debut! Grim has the pleasure of having Rochester’s CHRMR in studio to discuss their upcoming release “Low in the Glow”. We cover the underlying meaning, the writing and recording process and how it differs from past releases, inspirations, and the future. Stay tuned for the debut listen of ‘Spells’! It wouldn’t be grim without nonsense questions… 

 *Available on your favorite streaming service*  

 Special Thanks to: 

CHRMR, SONGS: The Source (CHRMR), Spells (Low in the Glow) 

Grandma’s Pantry: Bughouse, SONG: Midnight Daylight 

Crif Golding (drums) 

Ed Jusko (bass) 

Andy Schmitz (vocals) 

Brian Mason (guitar) 

Charlie Street (guitar)