Jan. 30, 2023

Contrarian w/ Brian Mason

Contrarian w/ Brian Mason

S8E198: Contrarian w/ Brian Mason - 

Tune in for a chat with Brian Mason, our most frequented guest on the show! Our primary focus is learning the ins and outs of Contrarian’s upcoming release Sage of Shekhinah (scheduled for release in March 2023), but we just couldn’t help ourselves, so we sprinkled in questions regarding the BML reunion teasers, and what’s new with Sulaco and CHRMR! Don’t miss what is invisible that Brian wishes he could see! 

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Brian Mason 

Contrarian, SONGs: In Gehenna (Sage of Shekhinah), Exorcism (Their Worm Never Dies), Transcend the Mundane (To Perceive Is To Suffer)