March 20, 2023

Crazy Nights w/ Bayne Mayhem

Crazy Nights w/ Bayne Mayhem
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S8E205:  Crazy, Crazy Nights w/ Bayne Mayhem 

**Disclaimer: For those not familiar with our platform, we are never kid-friendly. Don't let your kid listen to other episodes.**

We take a step or two off the beaten path to sit down with future A-list actor, Bayne Leone (son of Jason - vocalist of Sulaco). In addition to learning some facts about his dad, Bayne talks about what he wants to do when he grows up, his favorite things to do, what his favorite movie is (in full detail), and we even pull out the box of nonsense! Bayne, remember who your friends are when you make it big in Hollywood!

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Special Thanks to:  

Bayne Leone (Jason and Thu)
Sully, SONG: Dredge the Lake
Darren Michael Boyd, SONG: Proof of Monsters
Green Lung, SONG: Old Gods
Grandma's Pantry, Lethargy, SONG: Erased
Sulaco, SONGs: The Approach, Fix This