May 24, 2021

Damian Leski, Gorgasm / Broken Hope

Damian Leski, Gorgasm / Broken Hope
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S5E111: Damian Leski, Gorgasm / Broken Hope 

*Available on your favorite streaming service*  

 Grims and co-host Barrett have a great conversation with Damian (Gorgasm / Broken Hope). We cover everything from influences, inspirations, Damian’s experience going into Broken Hope, hardest Gorgasm songs to perform live, work and a recent injury he is currently recovering from, and his top choice if he could perform vocals for any band.   

 Special Thanks to: 

Debrained, SONG: Will of Hate

Sarcophagy, SONG: Crucifixion Masochism

Damian Leski

Barrett Amiss @ Sevared Records

Gorgasm, SONGS: Stabwound Intercourse & Infected with Lunacy 

Broken Hope, SONG: The Bunker 

Serpents Whisper, SONG: Divine Manipulation