Oct. 24, 2021

Dark Age Records & Art Metalogy

Dark Age Records & Art Metalogy
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S6E133: Dark Age Records & Art Metalogy 

 *Available on your favorite streaming service*  

 Grim chats with Aaron Thom of Dark Age Records about the startup of the label and what the future holds, upcoming releases, and goals. Along side Aaron is Alexis, the artist behind the artwork for the label and for other bands. Keeping with the Grim tradition, we cover other topics like favorite local bands, favorite metal genres, and mouthbrows! We also sprinkle in chats about Warhead from Metallic Overdrive, an inspiration to so many and Aaron’s Father! 

Special Thanks to: 

Dark Age Records 

Aaron Thom 

Alexis Allen 

Fatal Curse, Blade in the Dark 

Satan’s Arrival, SONG: Mandrake 

Morgoth, SONG: Heavens Torture 

Violation, SONG: Balls Out