May 8, 2023

Don't Cop a Mouse

Don't Cop a Mouse
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S8E212: Don't Cop a Mouse - 

This day in history, music facts, stats from cracked, the leg lengthening procedure, the curious case of Natalia Grace, Miller High Life controversy,  reflecting on our upcoming four year anniversary of the show, an update on Waldhexen, and heavy metal for your filthy earballs!

*Available on your favorite streaming service*  

Special Thanks to: 

Protrusion: SONG: Accursed Skin

Villainous Temple, SONG: Roads to Cults Unborn 

Kaksonen, SONG: Vihasta tehty 

Graveworm, SONG: Escorting the Soul 

King Kaos, SONG: Wasteland 

DespiseD, SONG: Chernobyl Burns

Grandma's Pantry: Abysmal Fall, SONG: Solitude (Candlemass cover)

Devangelic, SONG: Shadows Of The Iniquitous

Midden, SONG: VII

Pantheon, SONG: Eviscerate Desecrate Cremate

Beltfed Weapon, SONG: Darkened Demise

Runt, SONG: The Runt

Macabre Eternal, SONG: Bloodlust