April 17, 2023

Don't Let the Graham Cracker Bring You Down

Don't Let the Graham Cracker Bring You Down
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S8E209: Don't Let the Graham Cracker Bring You Down - 

Calling all sugar daddies and mommies - appreciate day is on the horizon! Random facts, the game of life, more AI news, the anti-masturbation campaign that probably never came to be, 35 summers...basically a whole lot of madness along side heavy metal for your filthy earballs!

*Available on your favorite streaming service*  

Special Thanks to: 

Thy Hideous Wake, SONG: Cataclysmic Rebirth

Ancient Crown, SONG: Above and Beneath

Thymata, SONG: Screaming Spirit's (Lucifer's Light)

Drowning in Formaldehyde, SONG: Liquid Asphyxiation 

Grandma's Pantry, DarkStarr, SONG: Lovin Strangers 

Yüz Karası, SONG: Nedamet Köprüsü 

Leather, Song: We Take Back Control

Clusterfux, SONG: Blood 

Osyron, SONG: Dominion Day

Fateful Finality, SONG: Hate Kill And Death

Sophist, SONG: Rigid Ideaology 

Deathgrave, SONG: Your Rulers are Here 

The Grifted, SONG: Closure