Sept. 5, 2021

Don’t Let Your Invisible Oranges Rot

Don’t Let Your Invisible Oranges Rot

S5E126: Don’t Let Your Invisible Oranges Rot 

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Grim this day in history including Little Willie, the Nevermind record, the census bureau bringing us down, the truth about Grimace, celebs arrested, and our awesome weekend of shows. Tune in for face melting metal for your filthy earballs! 

Special Thanks to: 

Invictra, SONG: Scrape 

Murder Van, SONG: Clawing the Casket 

Malignancy, SONG: Global Systemic Collapse 

Hellripper, SONG: Vampire’s Grave 

Goatskullt, SONG: Lihan Uni  

The Troops of Doom, SONG: The Rise of Heresy  

Crisix, SONG: World Needs Mosh  

Serpent ov Old, SONG: To Carry the Black Flame  

Conjureth, SONG: Wet Flesh Vortex  

Corpse Vomit, SONG: In the Grip of Autumn