June 7, 2021

Don’t Metal with Things You Don’t Understand

Don’t Metal with Things You Don’t Understand
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S5E113: Don’t Metal with Things You Don’t Understand 

 *Available on your favorite streaming service*  

 Just the Grims this week, chatting about everything and nothing. What movies can we watch over and over again? What would we take with us to the afterlife? The story of Marvin Heemyer. And, finally, we get to announce upcoming shows! Metal for your filthy earballs! 

 Special Thanks to: 

 Tyranonaut, SONG: Marble Eye 

Ferus Din, SONG: The Great Dying 

ERADICATOR, SONG: Monday’s for Murder 

The Flight of Sleipnir, SONG: Volund 

Grandma’s Pantry: Matakopas, Rome NY, SONG: For Your Life 

LYKHAEON, SONG: Descent Into Ruinous Splendor  

Galvanizer, SONG: The Inexorable  

Katy Scary, SONG: Reviled By Light 

Hexorcist, SONG: Exulting the Adversary  

Hnagash, SONG: Spiritual Death