May 2, 2022

Don’t Put Licorice on Your Pizza

Don’t Put Licorice on Your Pizza

S7E159: Don’t Put Licorice on Your Pizza 

Random ramblings, deep questions to cultivate the mind (like farting in jars), what we’ve been watching, and heavy metal for your filthy ear balls. 

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Special Thanks to: 

Deal With God, SONG: Celestial Rose  

Ritual Atrophy, SONG: White Lies Etched by Pale Hands 

In Nothingness, SONG: The Garden of Pain 

Assumption, SONG: Submerged by Hadean Tides 

Grandma’s Pantry: Dialysis, SONG: Hot For Preacher  

Ligfaerd, SONG: Ingen Foer Ham 

Mefitis, SONG: Meridian Artefact 

Sonic Reign, SONG: The Whisperer In The Dark