March 1, 2020

Dystopian DuoTwaddle, John Wilkes Bathory (Smith)

Dystopian DuoTwaddle, John Wilkes Bathory (Smith)
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S2E47: Dystopian Duo Twaddle, John Wilkes Bathory (Smith) 

Grim goes back to basics w/ editing woes, nonsense toilet talk, trending ‘challenges’, and a special guest educates us on the origins of the Celtic Frost song Into the Crypts of Rays. A glimpse in the life of Fe… 

Alien Autopsy, SONG: Epitaph Vitae, 

Citizens Against People, SONG: Normalized, 

Sarcous, SONG: Of Famine, Darkness, & Sword, 

Ancalagon, SONG: Hastur’s Emissary, 

Insurreal, SONG: Demonic Grin, 

Darkapathy, SONG: Deliverer of Doom, 

Bongtower, SONG: Defender of Humanity, 

Paradox Rift, SONG: Figmentate, 

Speedclaw, SONG: Faster Than Hell, 

Soulburn, SONG: Abyssica, 

Turbokill, SONG: War Thunder, 


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