Aug. 16, 2020

Erik Burke: Floating in the Concrete of 2020

Erik Burke: Floating in the Concrete of 2020
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S3E71: Erik Burke: Floating in the Concrete of 2020 

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Erik Burke (“Music is sh*t; sh*tting is everything”) has been a staple in the metal community for 30 years. Band involvements include (in noorder)Matrikhore, Lethargy, MungBean Demon, Moment of Truth, BCT, Distorted Mosquito, Brutal Truth, Nuclear Assault, Blurring, Sulaco, Kalibas, As the World Burns...and more. Sit back and enjoy a hilarious and informative conversation with vocalist, guitarist, drummer and comedian, Erik Burke,accompanied by his delightful girlfriend, Erin.  Oh, and if all this isn’t cool enough, new Sulaco debut!  

Special Thanks to: 

Erik Burke 

Erin Gibbs 

Lethargy, SONG: Erased  

Blurring, SONG: The Devil I know: 

MungBean Demon, SONG: Midget 

B.C.T., SONG: Balls 

Distorted Mosquito, SONG: Track 4  

Burke Diamond, SONG: Hello Again 

Sulaco, SONG: Cutup (DEBUT): 

Thank you, BML, for the background jams: