Jan. 2, 2023

Exactly What You Deserve

Exactly What You Deserve
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S8E194: Exactly What You Deserve - 

The harrowing story of the Grims being stuck in an elevator (for four minutes), 2023 predictions from the late Baba Vanga, we take a deep dive into Grandma’s Pantry this week, porn watching fails, and a wish for the new year.  

*Available on your favorite streaming service*   

Special Thanks to:  

King Buffalo, SONG: Hours  

Vicious Intent, SONG: Called Into the Darkness  

Heavy Metal Shrapnel, SONG: Death’s Embrace   

Dead Soul Alliance, SONG: Products of Pain 

Old Spirit, SONG: Burning in Heaven  

Grandma’s Pantry: Scepter, SONG: Taken by Force 

Carathis, SONG: The Portal  

Hellripper, SONG: The Nuckelavee  

Evulse, SONG: Repulsive Infestation  

Udånde, SONG: I’m Not a Pessimist, I’m a Realist  

Ashen Tomb, SONG: Graveless Abomination  

Confined, SONG: Privilege of Atheism