Sept. 26, 2022

F*** Mayonnaise w/ Jay and Thu (Sulaco)

F*** Mayonnaise w/ Jay and Thu (Sulaco)

S7E180: F*** Mayonnaise w/ Jay and Thu (Sulaco) 

Get cozy for the latest installment of no-zone layer to learn the more intimate side of Jay Leone, vocalist of Sulaco. From his hate of mayo, to what animal he is in bed, to how many beans he likes on his tacos, and everything in between. Thu shares the weirdest present she’s received from Jay, her worst habit(s), one thing she’d change about Jay, and if she’d rather have three arms or three eyes. We have it all!  

Quote of the night, “I wasn’t being stoic, he was being a dick” 

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Special Thanks to: 

Jay Leone 

Thu Bui 

Sulaco, SONG: Fix This, So Be It 

Black Maria, SONG: The Virgin Connie Swail, Running of the Mechanical Bulls 

Jay, SONG: Gypsy Scumbags