Aug. 2, 2020

Grab Some Nuts and a Can of Piss

Grab Some Nuts and a Can of Piss
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S3E69:Grab Some Nuts and a Can of Piss 

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A story about a fellow Rochesterian / musician, the human zoo of Canada, cubes stack better than logs, treating Syphilis with Malaria...and loads of metal for your filthyearballs. 

Special Thanks to: 

Crushing Force, SONG: Undead Warfare: 

Saints and Winos, SONG: Queen Sapphire: 

Trash Burner, SONG: Smothered in Static: 

Steelhammer, SONG: Behind the Power of Steel: 

Expain, SONG: Less Cash, More Thrash: 

Grandma’s Pantry:  Violent Fury, SONG: Crucified Savior 

Acid Cross, SONG: Mind Flayer / Black Tower: 

Cruachan, SONG: Blood and Victory: 

Hate Angel, SONG: The Angels of Hate: 

Pintglass, SONG: Ruthless 2 Toothless: