June 14, 2020

Gravehuffer: The Creme de la Krom of Missouri

Gravehuffer: The Creme de la Krom of Missouri
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S3E62: Gravehuffer: The Creme de la Krom of Missouri 

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Grim conquers a new set of challenges as we sit down with Ritchie Randall to talk all things Gravehuffer, Missouri, demons, and even the Queen’s pardon and Gilligan’s Island. Strap your earballs in for some brutal metal from Gravehuffer!  

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Moment of Truth, SONG: In Remembrance:https://www.facebook.com/momentoftruthhardcore/ 

Kryst, SONG: Descension:https://www.facebook.com/krystmetal/ 

GraveHuffer, SONGS: Kill for Sport, Circle of Blood, Demon Face,XR-750:https://www.facebook.com/gravehuffer/ 

Ritchie Randall

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