June 28, 2021

Grim Cult: Greg Caggiano & Stormy Storms

Grim Cult: Greg Caggiano & Stormy Storms
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S5E116: Grim Cult: Greg Caggiano & Stormy Storms  

Intellectual chaos with two of the coolest goons in town! Really, we cover a lot of ground! Greg and Stormy chat about the good ol’ days, we learn about Greg’s tattoo venture, bands, and family. We are provided a glimpse into the world of Memes U feel Good About and Wegmans Grim Cult. Salad Fingers or Teen Girl Squad? So much fun and so many topics packed into one episode! Side note: Who REALLY knew that McDonald’s used to sell hotdogs?! 

 *Available on your favorite streaming service*  

 Special Thanks to: 

Greg Caggiano @ Counterspell Tattoo 

Stormy Storms 

The Dads, SONG: I weigh more than you 

Dead Bitch, SONG: Spires That Are Also Teeth