March 29, 2020

Grim Dystopian Visits Sweden. Virtually.

Grim Dystopian Visits Sweden. Virtually.
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S2E51: Grim Dystopian Visits Sweden. Virtually.  

Weekly Grim nonsense (national days, show binging, TikTok challenges, etc.) mixed with a fascination we have of Sweden – both Country and music. Also, Ben tells Fe her handwriting looks like pubic hair… 

*Also available on Spotify, Google Play, iTunes, Stitcher*  

Special Thanks To:  

Black Maria, SONG: Lockjaw: 

Dissonant Seepage, SONG: Behind Bars or Beneath Worms: 

DeadRider, SONG: Taste the Chain: 

Malachor, SONG: 9 Red Squares: 

Marax, SONG: The Witch: 

Gorgosaur, SONG: Pyromaniac Narrations: 

Lion’s Share, SONG: Pentagram: 

Netherbird, SONG: Saturnine Ancestry: 

Nightrage, SONG: Wolf to Man: 

Void Moon, SONG: Pale Fire: 

 Special Thanks to Eon Tide for the soundbed this week!