March 15, 2020

Grim Lubberkins

Grim Lubberkins

S2E49: Grim Lubberkins 

Grim Lubberkins discuss shows we were lucky to attend this week…along with St. Patrick’s Day history, and other fun babble. Just listen.  

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Special Thanks To: 

Goblin Hovel, SONG: The Comedy of Forms, 

Shadowborn, SONG: Follow the Stones, 

Acid Womb, SONG: The Leader, 

Tombstoner, SONG: Tombstoner, 

Stormburner, SONG: We Burn, 

Drought, SONG: Dismal Grin, 

Primordial, SONG: Sunken Lungs, 

Dirty Casuals, SONG: Burning Tree, 

Scáth Na Déithe, SONG: The Maligner’s Tongue, 

Owlcrusher, SONG: Owlcrusher,

**Also special thanks to Westward Journeyfor the soundbed for this episode!