Jan. 11, 2021

Grim Orifices

Grim Orifices

S4E92: Grim Orifices 

Grim learns about mammal orifices, raging NYC squirrels, ridiculous band tour riders, the most popular band in the world, along with plenty of heavy, black, death & doom metal for your earballs! 

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 Special Thanks to: 

Leaking Head, SONG: Persecution Complex  

Tyranonaut, SONG: Land of Stagnation 

Warbringer, SONG: Firepower Skills 

Eroding the Past, Death, FL, SONG: Dissecting Deceit 

Akhlys, Black, Netherlands, SONG: Incubatio 

Shuulak, Heavy, Netherlands, SONG: Scourge of Aeons 

Grandma’s Pantry: Warblade, SONG: The Plague 

Mourners, Doom/Death, Romania, SONG: Forms of Delusion 

Kjeld, Black, Netherlands, SONG: Wylde Rixt 

Slough of Despair, Doom/Death, Greece, SONG: Cursed Fate