March 8, 2020

Grim + Sevared + Malignancy = Intrauterine Disaster

Grim + Sevared + Malignancy = Intrauterine Disaster
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Episode 48: Grim+Sevared+Malignancy=Intrauterine Disaster 

 Grim and Barrett @ Sevared Records chat with Danny from Malignancyafter persevering through some technical difficulties.  We learn about changes w/ Malignancy, updates on a new album, and other tid-bits about Danny, including his relation to the Nelson Brothers, his preference between Thunder Cats & He-man, and a taste of Skelator… 

 Special Thanks To: 

Malignancy (Danny), SONGS:Rotten Seed,Cataclysmic Euphoria, Inhuman Grotesqueries: 

Sevared Records (Barrett): 

Anthropic, SONG: Requiem, 

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Background music in this episode courtesy of Sevared Records, Malignancy, Fluids and Encoffinized.