May 17, 2020

Grim Turns ONE!

Grim Turns ONE!

S3E58: Grim Turns ONE! 

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 Can ya believe it?! We can’t! Jam packed episode; a special message from a loved one, a RAFFLE (free shit people!), and a Covid-Confessional with our friend Rachel Ardour from the Metal Webzine, who shares with us a NEVER BEFORE HEARD Halothane song off their latest release, scheduled to drop 5/30/2020. This episode just screams party. 

 Special thanks to: 

Infernal Abyss, SONG: Catastrophe: 

Shadow Snakes, SONG: Stay Home: 

Putrid Pile, SONG: Savage Lust For Blood: 

Decaying Purity, SONG: Streams of Fire and Blood: 

Fluids, SONG, Capped: 

Sevared Records, 

DragonCum, SONG: Feel the Burn: 

Rachel Ardour 

The Metal Webzine: 

Halothane, SONG: Threads of Authenticity: