April 12, 2021

Gutted Alive: A Symphony of Farts & Snores

Gutted Alive: A Symphony of Farts & Snores

S5E105: Gutted Alive: A Symphony of Farts & Snores 

Kicking off Season 5 with a great conversation with Gutted Alive. Fun stories about their last tour before the world shut down (Gut Em All),line-up changes, musical inspirations, and what fans can expect coming out of quarantine. In addition, Brandon opens up about his injuries and his ability to adapt, Ryan shares how he became a vocalist, Jay gets his porn and Cannibal Corpse taken away, and Joe discusses that traumatic time a fire breathing dragon burrowed into his hair.  

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Gutted Alive, SONGS: Deranged and Enraged, Force Fed Acid, Consumed by Carnage, Cold Steel Slash Wound 

Jason Acquilano 

Ryan Michael 

Brandon Graves 

Joe Tash