June 6, 2022

Hamsome Public Leotard

Hamsome Public Leotard

S7E164:  Hamsome Public Leotard -

Strap in with bated breath for National Days, our experiences at MDF, top metal bands of 2020 (not according to us), chats about evolving grim, Jenn has a mishap with a gas can, and as always – heavy metal for your filthy earballs.  

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Special Thanks to: 

Sunflo’er, SONG: Cryptfucker  

Illucinus, SONG: Straps  

Anvil, SONG: Ghost Shadows 

Brutality, SONG: Fluent in SIlence  

Vulnifucus, SONG: Innomination  

Grandma’s Pantry, Amputation, SONG: Plague of Death 

Heruka, SONG: Passacaglia  

Darkane, SONG: Awakening  

Alien Autopsy, SONG: Controller 

Lashes, SONG: Angel Eyes