Nov. 1, 2020

Hellripper: A Journey Through Sonic Alchemy

Hellripper: A Journey Through Sonic Alchemy

S4E82: Hellripper - A Journey Through Sonic Alchemy

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Who is our guest today? None other than the mastermind behind some of the UK’s most intriguing underground acts, such as - Lock Howl, Lord Rot and the mighty Hellripper. So, sit, stand, lie down, or do whatever you are doing, grab yourself a chalice of Beastmilk and listen to our conversation with Scotland's sonic alchemist - James McBain. 

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Special Thanks to: 

Hellcannon, SONG: Condemned 

Cemetery Echo, SONG: Youth Disease 

Hellripper, SONGS: Black Arts and Alchemy, Within the Everlasting Hellfire 

Lock Howl, SONG: Echoes of the Chemical Void 

Lord Rot, SONG: Flowers of Flesh and Blood 

Rats of Reality, SONG: The Art of Debilitation