Dec. 9, 2019

Hey! We Are! Grim Dystopian & Alan Tecchio

Hey! We Are! Grim Dystopian & Alan Tecchio
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S2E35: Hey! We Are! Grim Dystopian & Alan Tecchio 

Alan doesn’t Marsh Our Hellow! In fact, he chats with us about all of his projects and what makes him tick. Fill your ear holes with Alan Tecchio vocals from some of his projects!

*Also available on Spotify, Google  Play, iTunes, Stitcher* 

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Alan Tecchio


Mike LePond's Silent Assassins:




Autumn Hour:

Level Fields:

 December Metal Meltdown w/ Highest Leviathan:

Gutted Alive Release Party Dec 13th @ Firehouse Saloon w/ Dissonant Seepage & Mass Casualties

Gates of Paradox Release show 12/20/2019 @ Photo City w/ Fatal Curse, Kryst, & Gutted Alive