Aug. 8, 2022

Idan Kupferberg: People (Israeli Grind)

Idan Kupferberg: People (Israeli Grind)
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S7E173: Idan Kupferberg: People (Israeli Grind)

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Grim has the pleasure of chatting with Idan, vocalist of the 90’s grind band People. Idan provides the history of People, what the scene was/is like in Israel, the prospects of new People, and his love for Latin/Afrobeat music as well as metal. 

Special Thanks to: 

Foodpeeple, SONG: Grooom of the Stoool 

People – Idan Kupferberg (Vocals) 

Songs: Charlie 5, Fleaphobia, You Are What You Eat, Super Nothing Hero 

Idan Kupferberg (Sound Design), SONG: Forged in Combat 

 Idan's YouTube Channel

Idan's Soundcloud