April 12, 2020

King Fowley from Deceased & October 31

King Fowley from Deceased & October 31

S3E53: King Fowley…(Deceased/October 31) 

Quarantine chatter with legendary Kingsley (King) Fowley from Deceased & October 31. King brings us up to speed on Deceased plans (including the name of the new upcoming album!) &October 31 (what it means to be a poser). Other banter about labels, horror flicks, old message boards,King’s love for 8-track collecting & plans for a King documentary.  

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Special Thanks To: 

King Fowley 

Anthropic, SONG, Fear Driven Conformity:  https://www.facebook.com/Anthropicgrindcore/ 

Deceased, SONGS,Mrs. Allardyce, To Serve the Insane (Ghostly White): https://www.facebook.com/deceasedofficial/ 

October 31, SONGS, The Chosen One (Meet Thy Maker), Voodoo Island (Bury the Hatchet): https://www.facebook.com/October31Metal/ 

Thanks Barak Tor for the sound bed! https://www.facebook.com/BarakTorDungeonSynth/