June 20, 2022

Long Dong Daddy

Long Dong Daddy

S7E166: Long Dong Daddy  - 

 Stuck with just the Grims this week; small talk and chit chats, this day in history, more on atomic bombs, Ken answers some questions about Jenn, events of the weekend, upcoming events, and heavy metal for your filthy earballs! 

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 Special Thanks to: 

Crestfallen, SONG: Seeds Of The Empyrean Demise 

Utter Scorn, SONG: Vivisectionist  

Nocturnal Wanderer, SONG: Twilight Befell, ALBUM: Gift of the Night 

Grandma’s Pantry, Finisher, SONG: Human Creature War 

Maimed, SONG: Flesh Sculpture,  

Anticreation, SONG: From the Dust of Embers 

Tomb of Finland, SONG: Shadows Of The North 

Alburnum, SONG: Eeuwig Licht 

Spectral Souls, SONG: No More God for Me