April 4, 2022

Love is Like a Fart…

Love is Like a Fart…
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S6E155: Love is Like a Fart… 

Grim chats about our week, our typical history lessons (yes, multiple this week), Ken “educates” us on the best black metal vocalists, bloopers for days, and metal for your filthy earballs. 

*Available on your favorite streaming service*  

Special Thanks to: 

Astral Moon, SONG: Burning Sky 

Circular Ruins, SONG: Bloodfix 

Intimidation Display, SONG's: Massacre/Ghosts 

Flub, SONG: Last Breath 

Grandma’s Pantry, Dismembered Fetus, SONG: Bloody Vaginal Discharge 

Intolerance, SONG: Embodiment of Chaos  

Shadows, SONG: Forgotten Rites  

Inanna, SONG: Among Subaqueous Spectres  

Golgothan Remains, SONG: Forgotten Lores of Hatred and Bloodshed