July 26, 2021

Metal Night w/ Joe Tash & Patches O’Brayer

Metal Night w/ Joe Tash & Patches O’Brayer

S5E120: Metal Night w/ Joe Tash & Patches O’Brayer 

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 The mullet of podcasts; business in the front…party in the back. Join us while we discuss the first return of metal night at Victor Village Inn, Joe and Pat’s backgrounds, nerdy gear talk, ridiculous questions (and surprisingly witty responses), and metal for all the filthy earballs! Hey, are those invisible nuts on my shoulder?! Head out to Victor Village Inn 8/21/2021 9:30pm (21+) for a night of metal with Nuclear Winter, Alien Autopsy, and Tyranitar. 

 Special Thanks to: 

Sully, SONG: Dredge the Lake (#4)  

Joe Tash 

Patches O’Brayer 

Tryanitar, SONG: Last Stand of the Vaeringjar 

Halothane, SONG: Morality’s Tomb 

Shadowborn, SONG: Odyssey