March 14, 2022

Oscar the Grinch!

Oscar the Grinch!
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S6E152: Oscar the Grinch 

 Grims random chats, national days, bad date experiences, news from Florida, random facts about mosquitos, and heavy metal for your filthy earballs. Happy National Ken’s Hernia Day!  

 *Available on your favorite streaming service*  

 Special Thanks to: 

Haishen, SONG: Neptune 

Thebes, SONG: Kiln of the Mind (Hidden Tribe)

Hath, SONG: Name Them Yet Build No Monument (Willowtip)

Grandma’s Pantry: Final Prayer, SONG: Pandemic 

Morgue Supplier, SONG: Empty Vacant Shell (Transcending Obscurity) 

Extinguished, SONG: Two Deadly Blows (Caligari Records)  

Cosmic Putrefaction, SONG: Amniotic Bewilderment (Caligari Records) 

Survival Instinct, SONG: Fatal Venin (Personal Records) 

Junkyard Drive, SONG: The Wonderland of Temptation (Mighty Music)