Nov. 8, 2021



 S6E135: Paraskevidekatriaphobia 

 A quick history lesson in x-rays, piano lesson woes, wild judicial punishments, phobias, and metal for your filthy earballs. Don’t sniff your finger! 

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  Special Thanks to: 

BCT, SONG: Black Unicorn 

Alien Autopsy, SONG: Instrument of Annihilation 

Darkapathy, SONG: Sacrifice the Vile 

Marax, SONG: Blood Sweat and Tears 

Astyanax, SONG: Extreme Antinatalist Design 

Stench Price, SONG: Pressure (ft. Karina Utomo of High Tension) 

Bedsore, SONG: Deathgazer 

Serpent Lord, SONG: Curse Roots