Dec. 13, 2020

Pen-i Menstruate

Pen-i Menstruate

S4E88: Pen-i Menstruate  

On this metal podcast:

Grim does it again; fun facts, horse and buggy shaming, marketing scams, poachers gettin’ poached, and face-melting metal for those filthy earholes 

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Special Thanks to: 

Nuclear Winter, SONG: Murphy’s Law 

HolyWater, SONG: Trapaholics 

Godbelow, SONG: Nothing X Everything 

Gravebloom, SONG: Grey Matter Duality 

Grandma’s Pantry: Scattered Remnants – Ridding Genital Flesh  

Roa’s Ark, SONG: Joker’s Wild 

Godendshere, SONG: Mori Master 

Paganist, SONG: A Call of Disaster 

Witchtrap, SONG: Midnight Rites 

Eternal Winter, SONG: Victor of a Hundred Battles 

Soul Collector,SONG: The Abominautor