July 25, 2022

Phroggin’ For Them Arms

Phroggin’ For Them Arms

S7E171: Phroggin’ For Them Arms  

It’s a weird week; our waiter assumed Jenn was her brother’s mother (awkward), phrogging for arm decapitations and gender reassignment surgeries, interesting forms of birth control, conversations about sunscreen that are way above our heads (and it’s obvious), and we end the show with the amazing dynamic duo Adam and Ada Frappolli.  

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Special Thanks to: 

Fed Ash, SONG: Know Your Power 

Waldhexen, SONG: Psychosis Epidemic 

Imperial Triumphant, SONG: Metrovertigo 

Steel Inferno, SONG: Siren of the Air 

Imperathron, SONG: Mors Est Veritas 

Grandma’s Pantry: Asgard, SONG: Blaze  

White Rune, SONG: Crimson Lament  

The Lousy, SONG: Demons on Parade 

Vorlust, SONG: 13th Circle  

Black Jackal, SONG: Necrolith 

Morbus Grave, SONG: Lurking Into Absurdity 

Verberis, SONG: Sepulchre of Shattered Saints 

WAYWARD DAWN, SONG: Bottomless Pit