July 11, 2022

Poison Sumac!

Poison Sumac!

S7E169: Poison Sumac! 

Grim chat about house woes, Ken eats his own poo and eats a mailbox on his huffy, cockroach experiments, uterine cereal, and everything in between (including a funeral proprosal)! Heavy metal for your filthy earballs. 

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 Special Thanks to: 

Crisis Actor, SONG: Blackpilled (Spotify)

An Abstract Illusion, SONG: Slaves  

Shrouded Infinity, SONG: Depth of Kur  

Grandma’s Pantry: Cerebral Hemorrhage 

Half Visible Presence, SONG: Loss  

Fleshrot, SONG: Intricate Dissection  

Panzerfaust (CA), SONG: Tabula Rasa  

FRIISK, SONG: Torügg bleev blot Sand  

Shaidar Logoth, SONG: Consume Pieces of God  

Psionic Madness, SONG: A Nuclear Twilight  

Volus, SONG: Antediluvian Watchers

Labels: Willowtip, Eisenwald, Transylvanian Recordings, Vendetta Records, Vargheist Records, Sentient Ruin Laboratories