Feb. 22, 2021

Prostate Protest

Prostate Protest

S4E98: Prostate Protest  

Grim chats about their crazy week, being an animal for 48hrs, discusses whether it’s better to be respected or liked, artists who hated their own hit songs, and plays metal for your filthy ear-balls! 

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 Special Thanks to: 

Scumfire, SONG: The Empress 

Undeath, SONG: Shackles of Sanity 

Old Tomb, SONG: A Search and an Invocation 

Disciples of Death, SONG: Mouth of Terror 

Arsenic Tea Party, SONG: Tommy the Cop 

Belenos, SONG: Nozweler 

Grandma’s pantry, Demonic Sacrifice, SONG: Bleeding the  

Draghkar, SONG: At the Crossroads of Infinity 

The DadBods, SONG: Where’s My Socks? 

Yuzde5, SONG: Engrave Your Name on Stones 

Evocator, SONG: The Great Morality (Nick of vocals)