Oct. 4, 2020

S3 Season Finale Extravaganza!

S3 Season Finale Extravaganza!
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S3E78: S3 Season Finale Extravaganza!  

Great metal for filthy earballs, get-away vehicles, bleak facts, the strange story of Elmer McCurdy, Senti-metals, and Billy Idol woes as we wrap up season 3. Cheers! 

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Special Thanks to: 

 Vile Tyrant, SONG: Gift of the Plaguebearur 

Orodruin, SONG: Letter of Life's Regret 

Dark Phantom, SONG: Unholy Alliance 

Torture Hymns, SONG: I, Destruction 

Mulla, SONG: From the Soul 

Grandma’s Pantry: Noxious, SONG: Picture Window 

Beholder, SONG: A Heavy Toll 

Pale Mare, SONG: Zealot 

Fuming Mouth, SONG: Burning Hand 

Execrate, SONG: Mass Hysteria 

Inhibitions, SONG: Rascal