Sept. 5, 2022

Samsung Anyways

Samsung Anyways
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S7E177: Samsung Anyways  -

*Available on your favorite streaming service*  

Truth is, all our show notes were deleted, soooo, just listen in to see what this week is about. Just the two of us, talking about catimals, fun facts, weird articles, and heavy metal for your filthy earballs! Bet ya tried to lick your elbow. 😊 

Special Thanks to: 

Sunflo’er, SONG: all these darlings and now me  

Valence, SONG: Preferred Nomenclature 

CRUZ, SONG: Als Peus de la Creu 

Empire Drowns, SONG: Purity  

The Sombre, SONG: From the Depths of Misery  

Pantry: Shankara, SONG: Process of Betrayal  

Body Asphyxiation Science, UK, SONG: Gravitation Blood Art  

Embrace of Thorns, SONG: Nucleus Dissolved  

NEEDLESS, SONG: Krononauta